AGM reports for season 2021-22

Chairman's report

Saffron Walden Community Youth Sports Club

My first season as Chairman has been so rewarding. I’ve been coaching for 10 years, so to see others enjoying all the younger age groups and all the unbridled joy the kids bring to the game has been wonderful.

This has been an exciting time for the club, and we can say that it has been a successful and enjoyable season.

The key moment was the opening of 3g pitch in September. I must pay tribute to Matt Clare for working hard behind the scenes with the school and the contractors to deliver it on time and under budget (kind of). And to all those who raised funds. Co-ordinating all the moving parts was no mean feat.

It’s so good to see all the teams playing on it. Not only is it a very picturesque aspect, but I’m sure the standard of play of many of our teams has improved immensely. So many opposition teams are jealous of it. So who is up for funding another one?

We will continue to develop the pitch and environment to improve catering and viewing facilities. One thing we must continue to be vigilant on is the use of the proper footwear and the looking after our equipment up there. If I can implore you all to keep an eye out, and challenge anyone seen wearing inappropriate boots, or smoking, or bringing dogs on site. Our coaches will support you.

We use a total of 5 venues. They all need managing, and while we want to play as much football as possible, sometimes we have to look after the grass. In the winter, there are sometimes two or three games a weekend on the same patch of grass. It is a constant battle to find the right balance. Whatsmore, where there are more than one games on the same pitch on the same venue, we have had a few instances of car park mis-management. Nothing serious, but those change over times as one team leaves and another arrives are stressful, and I urge any parent to volunteer to marshall these areas safely to help out.

We have over 650 players, certainly the largest club in the region. We have mainly boys of course, but also the Soccerability sessions have grown in numbers too, which is pleasing to see. We are a truly community club, It takes a huge effort to ensure that the administration is kept up to date. For that reason, the club decided to spend some money on paid admin support, and I can assure you, it has made an enormous difference to us as volunteers. We can all do more, and I find it a little disappointing to say that we were the club with the most fines in the Cambs Colts League for not reporting our stats on Full Time each week. This costs the club money and is something all coaches will need to improve on next season.

A further challenge has been coaching qualifications. All our coaches must be DBS cleared, have FA safeguarding children and emergency first aid qualifications, and be FA level 1 (or equivalent) qualified. Apart from the safety and legal requirements, it means we can maintain our England Accredited 3 Star status. This allows us to apply for more funding and get discounts on things like club insurance.

Our agreement with Spurs has also proved a success, judging by the numbers of children that turn up on a Friday evening. Spurs have been helpful to the committee and our coaches this year too, and I would like see this relationship develop over the next couple of seasons.

Finally, a big thank you to all coaches, helpers, administrators and all who put their own time and skills into providing football for whoever wants to play for Saffron Walden Community Football Club

Tony Saward


June 2022

Secretary's report

Saffron Walden Community Youth Sports Club

To be supplied

Matt Clare


June 2022

Treasurer's report

Saffron Walden Community Youth Sports Club

The audited accounts for the period 01/06/2020-31/05/21 have been distributed to members.

The members are invited to receive and consider the accounts for the year ended 31/05/2021 and the report of the auditors.

Treasurer’s Report 2021/22

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Annual Subscription Fees 2022-2023

  • MSS – £150 full season / £100 after Christmas / £50 after 1 March
  • Mini leagues – £190 full season / £125 after Christmas / £100 after 1 March
  • Colts leagues – £190 full season / £125 after Christmas / £100 after 1 March
  • EJA – £300 full season / £220 after Christmas / £150 after 1 March
  • All u18 players will play for free as we have manage to secure sponsorship

Ben Pelling


June 2022

Notice to members 13th June 2022

Notice of Elected Officials 14th June 2022

Minutes 23rd June 2022