I have not registered before and want to sign up to SWCFC for the first time. Coaches, referees and volunteers should also select this option

I have registered for SWCFC previously and want to sign up for the new / current season

Joining or signing up for another season with SWCFC

We use a service called LoveAdmin as our registration and payment system. Payments are processed by London and Zurich and integrated into the registration process. We offer a reduced subscription for siblings where another sibling is already registered for the club. The subscription can be paid all at once or in 4 monthly instalments.

Existing players

Existing players will receive a registration request at the start of a new season containing a link to the existing player reregistration page. Please note, that if you wish to pay in instalments you must register promptly upon receiving the registration request. Instalments are scheduled from the initial registration request email so choosing to pay later may mean multiple instalments are taken at once. If your child has been registered with LoveAdmin before, please use the link and existing login rather than creating a new account

New players

Please use the link to the left of this page to create a new registration. This will take you to the new registration page where you can select from the following options;

  • MSS Membership or MSS Sibling Subscription (Mini Soccer School) is for U5s (pre-school) and U6s (Reception)
  • Minis Membership or Minis Sibling Subscription is for U7s (year 1) to U11s (year 6)
  • Colts Membership or Colts Sibling Subscription is for U12s to U18s (year 7 onwards)
  • EJA Membership or EJA Sibling Subscription if for players competing in EJA league
  • Soccability is for players wishing to join our Soccability provision
  • U18 ECL Membership is for U18 players who will be playing in the ECL league

Your registration fees cover the cost of a new kit every other season, training and match costs, registration with the league and insurance.


For coaches, volunteers and referees, please select the New Players and Volunteers option to the left of this page and select the appropriate option from the registration page